Iveth and Danny

Image 1 of Iveth and Danny

How We Met

Our love story began at a Wingbarn in January 2018. My cousin asked me to join him for dinner at Wingbarn and secretly asked his best friend, Danny, in hopes of setting us up. After a few looks across the table his plan succeeded. We have now been dating for almost 3 years, and hope to get married soon!

How They Asked

For our entire relationship I have blabbered about my obsession with the northern lights. Dan surprised me one night with tickets to Fairbanks, Alaska and we packed our things and went! I had never seen snow before and we did nothing more than play outside the hotel for the first day. After almost three days of fun adventures, we went an hour out of the city to go night fishing. As we fished and talked, we glanced at the sky and the small glimmer of the norther lights began to appear. I hoped that Dan would ask me to marry him, but the lights quickly began to be covered by clouds so we packed our things to leave. Our uber was waiting for us, and Dan gave his phone to the driver and asked her to record. Dan turned around and kneeled. He proposed and we hugged. On our way back we talked with our uber driver and we were all crying and laughing. Dan looked at me and grabbed my hand and said “I promise to bring you back to continue our hunt for the lights.” We plan on getting married on December 2021, and we hope to go back to Alaska for our honeymoon!