Ivana and Thomas

how they asked: We were in Springfield, MA, passing by the house he lived in senior year. I had visited him here during his senior year in college, and we always drive by because we consider the place where our relationship started. He stopped the car and we were talking for a few minutes, and he told me he had a surprise. He pulled out a pink camo gun case from under his seat.

He had been telling me he wanted to buy me a pink pistol for a while now. He loves hunting and shooting while I’m more of a girly-girl, but slowly his hobby has grown on me. I opened the case and there was a piece of pink painted wood shaped like a gun, with a ring box in the middle, and the words “Will you marry me?” and “For real this time” (he’s asked me to marry him every day since we started dating in May 2014).


I opened the ring box, completely lost it, and before I could say anything, he told me that I’ve always been the only one for him and that he wanted to ask me here because he knew from the moment I visited him in Springfield that day, that I would be his forever.

IMG_2070 2

I had no idea it was coming until the second I saw the ring box. He even managed to make sure I went for a manicure a few days prior. He had arranged an engagement dinner with his family that same night, and he took the following day off from work to celebrate. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal :)