Ivana and Jorge

How We Met

We met at 14 in the computer room of the casino hotel in Viña del Mar. We were friends for many years until at 17 we started dating as a couple.

how they asked

We traveled to Punta Cana and my boyfriend, hiding from me, went to hire a photographer to capture the perfect moment. My boyfriend told the photography company to call the room to tell us that our dinner in the hotel restaurant he would change the time, he was doing everything so that is absolutely a beautiful surprise.

Everything went perfectly for my boyfriend, until we got to the place where he wanted to ask for marriage, and the photographer did not arrive !!!!!!!. then my boyfriend started taking pictures (1000) waiting for the type of photographs to arrive.

Ivana's Proposal in Punta Cana. Barcelo Bávaro Palace Hotel.

Then my boyfriend saw a man who came to the place with a bag, was a photographer, but not the company that my boyfriend contract!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Punta Cana. Barcelo Bávaro Palace Hotel.

my boyfriend kept taking pictures of me so that I would not realize what was about to happen. He got bored waiting for the photographer and asked a woman who was in the place if he could take a picture of us, and she responds: fast because I’m working.

At that time I said to my boyfriend: my love leaves the lady quiet, she is working, my boyfriend insisted to the lady that please take a picture of us, she took the phone and literally took 2 photos, my boyfriend, I was about to take out the ring and the lady returns our cell phone

we see the photos that the lady took us and my boyfriend says to me: my love I did not like the photo, I’m going to tell the lady to take us another. (I thought omg in my mind, not please, she is working, she will kill you if you ask her another one), he was when the lady was away and he says: Madam, I asked you to take a picture of us because I want to ask my girlfriend and I hire a photographer who did not arrive. Please, I need you to take many pictures of the moment because I need to keep it for a lifetime.

After that, I saw that the lady returned with my boyfriend to take a picture again because a boyfriend “did not like the picture” when the lady is going to take the picture, my boyfriend tells me my love, take off your glasses, and I say no hahaha, and he tells me again my love, let’s take a picture without glasses. I take off my glasses, he pulls out a box and he gets on his knee and he tells me; my life, marry me.

At that time our trip changed completely with that special energy that only couples who really love each other know. That was by far the best day of our lives.