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How We Met

Jordi and I met when we were 17. It was my senior year of high school and he and his family had just moved to San Diego from Mexico City. It’s crazy how many things had to happen the way they did for us to meet. His family had to decide to leave their home country. They had to pick San Diego. They were actually between San Diego and Houston. They had to pick where in San Diego to live and what school to send their kids to. They ended up moving to the same neighborhood where my family lived and he ended up going to my sister’s high school.

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I went to an all-girls high school but met a lot of friends through my sister who went to a different high school than me. All-girls weren’t her thing. He had only been living in San Diego for two weeks when a friend of my sister who had just met Jordi at school invited him, “the new kid,” to come to the beach with us one day. I was a volleyball player in high school and was playing with my friends at the beach. He tried to impress me and join in even though he wasn’t very good. We were honestly inseparable since then.

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He was excited to move to the United States and was definitely not looking for a girlfriend but we clicked right away. He became my first official boyfriend and my first love. That was 10 years ago. I would always tell my mom that I wished we had met when we were older because he was the type of person I wanted to marry. I never imagined we would end up together because we had met so young and neither of us wanted to marry young. I would cry just thinking of him in the future with a wife and a family and knowing it would probably not be me. It just seemed impossible. Here we are 10 years later. We somehow made it!

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How They Asked

It has been 10 years and a wild ride to get here. Our talks of marriage started getting more seriously last year in 2019. I had the feeling he would propose soon. Out of nowhere my little sister gets engaged last summer so that put my boyfriend’s plans on hold. Then one month later, he had issues with his work visa and had to go back to Mexico for 4 months while he waited for his new work visa. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary during that time and I knew that given the situation, he wouldn’t propose. He finally comes back home to San Diego in mid-January 2020 and gets settled in again and then Covid-19 hits. I had no idea how that would affect his plans or if we would keep putting it off because I knew he would want to make it very special.

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We love to travel and I had been feeling a bit down having been stuck at home for so many months now. One day he tells me that state parks are opening back up and that he had reserved us a spot at a campsite in Big Sur. I was so excited to get out and go on an adventure. We love being in nature and Big Sur had been on our bucket list for a long time. A couple of days before, he asked me how I would feel about going to a restaurant during our trip and to pack a nice outfit for dinner. I was so thrilled to be getting out and to go to a restaurant.

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It’s still the only restaurant we have been to since March. We made the 8-hour drive from San Diego to Big Sur, enjoyed camping, and then the second day he surprised me with a stay at the cutest boutique hotel surrounded by redwood trees. He suggested we should go find a cute spot at sunset to take photos before going to dinner. He later told me that this was the only part he was nervous about because he didn’t exactly know where that spot would be. He had in his mind what he was picturing but he didn’t really know for sure if that place existed.

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On our way driving along the coast to look for a spot, we randomly get pulled over by the COPS!! We didn’t know why we were getting pulled over and Jordi was already thinking we were going to miss the sunset and he was going to have to improvise the following day when the cop came up to the window, looked inside and just said, “Sorry, wrong car!” Just like that, she disappeared without another word!

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Finally, we found the most magical spot. A cliff overlooking the ocean with green hills in the background. There were literally no people and we felt like we had the whole world to ourselves. After posing for some photos, I turn for one second and when I look back, he is kneeling and holding the most beautiful ring I could have imagined. It was truly such a magical place and moment. It was 10 years in the making and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful moment. Definitely worth the wait.

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