Ivana and Daniel

How We Met

I had matched with Daniel online in late August of 2014. Jump forward a few weeks and we’re out on our first date on September 9th. I showed up forty minutes late because I had to pull my car over twice because I was so sick from how nervous I was getting on my way to meet him for dinner. I was lucky he was still waiting for me by the time I got there. I sat down in our booth, and we spent the next six hours together talking. The restaurant closed so Daniel suggested we go for a walk across the street along the pier that was now beautifully lit from the moon. At some point in the night as we were talking about why we’d chosen online dating, he took my face in his hands and kissed me! I remember telling him how he’d stolen our first kiss and how I had never done that on a first date before.

how they asked

On Sunday October 23rd I woke up in my bed, dreading the fact that Daniel and I had brunch plans with his cousin Katarina and her boyfriend. We were up late the night before because we were out at a friend’s wedding and I had no desire to move. You see, the week leading up to the proposal, Daniel kept saying he was questioning marriage and questioning whether or not it was right for us at this time in our lives. Needless to say this led me to tears nearly every day that week before going to sleep, but it turns out he was doing so in order to get my mind off of the idea that he was considering proposing. I quickly got ready and rushed out the door while giving my parents a hug and saying goodbye, and asking my mom if she’d make us some hot soup for when we came home for dinner, since it was crisp and we were planning on going apple picking after our brunch double date. I got out of the house and started driving as I got a call from Katarina saying that something came up at home and she wasn’t able to come out to brunch with her boyfriend. I immediately called Daniel and told him, and he said we should go out to brunch anyways (which was conveniently overlooking the pier where our first date and kiss took place). He told me he was running late because of something at home, but it turns out he was parked around the corner from my house waiting for me to leave that morning so he could ask for my dad’s blessing before proposing. We had brunch and he suggested a walk down the pier once we were done. We sat down on a bunch when he told me that he’d been lying to me for the past week. He told me he wanted marriage, he wanted me, and he wanted us forever. And he asked me to marry him.


After we were both done crying he told me to look to my left where his sister in law (and my maid of honour) was hiding at the top of the pier capturing the whole thing.