Ivana and Cameron

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How We Met

We had met in college at Florida Southern College my sophomore year. He was the roommate to a friends of mine. The first night I met him, he he came by to drop something off to me that my friend needed to give me. As he drove up in his car, I walked up in my boxers, hair a mess, no makeup, and I was in awe. Woah! Incredibly good looking and such a charmer! After that, we spoke a few nights later and hit it off right away. We’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

It was our 3 year anniversary and he had planned a nice date downtown. He told me to be ready because we had reservations and he would pick me up. We went to this beautiful restaurant and ate. Then we decided to take a walk downtown. We walked for a bit and found ourselves at a park we often visited when ever we went to this particular area. We sat on the bench and read each other’s cards; the out of the corner of my eye, I see a lady holding a dog that looked just like my dog! I immediately got up to go pet it when I realized… It was my dog! He was wearing a sign around his neck that said “will you marry my daddy?”. When I turned around,Cameron was on one knee with a ring in his hand.

Later I found out that he had the ring for months at his mom’s house and was just waiting for our anniversary to ask. He had been saying that he was going to ask me before my school year started (I’m an elementary school teacher). After time I had forgotten and on our anniversary, the day before classes were going to begin, he asked!

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