Ivana and Brian

How We Met

2013. I went to a bar with a friend in a local neighborhood that I never hung out at. He was at the bar in the back corner where he and his friends hang out every single Weekend. I was wearing the red dress that caught his attention. After dancing the night away I thought I would never see him again. The next day he “butt dialed” me and it was non-stop from there. Although we were young we knew we were made for each other from that point on. Five years later we are still together and still talk about “the red dress”

how they asked

Last week we went to Paris, French Riviera and Italian Riviera to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. After walking around Paris we ended up at a fancy rooftop, Rafaels. After getting a small table at the rooftop my fiancé told me he was going to the bathroom. After he spoke to the manager and staff he returned from the bathroom in which the manager came up to us and told us they had a table open up with the most spectacular view of Paris. We went to the table and my jaw dropped at the view with the Eiffel tower in the background. As the staff was taking pictures of us and a video (which I had no idea about) he decided to get down on one knee. My heart dropped and couldn’t even believe the word “will you marry me” came out of his mouth. I don’t even remember saying yes and began to hysterically cry.