Ivan and May

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how we met

We first met at our tertiary school, Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2008 National Day performance. That was my first school event performance under my course and Ivan was there to support his friend who was dancing too. I was in my first year at school and he was a senior. There was no initial attraction when we were acquainted through a common friend.

Thereafter, I decided to audition for a dance club (NRA) and fortunately made it through. Ivan was already in NRA then as a senior. The one event that brought us closer was “Suntec Dance Competition 2009” where we competed in different teams. It was a challenging and memorable period for the both of us.

One late night after rehearsal, Ivan sent me home as usual and we talked for a bit outside. At midnight, he popped the question about getting together. It was the 9th of September 2009 when I agreed to have him as my first boyfriend. In mandarin, 999 in direct translation means “together for eternity.”

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how they asked

I proposed to May on the 1st of May, because I am her first boyfriend (; hahah. With thoughts of surprising her, I worked hand in glove with her secondary close friends, to ‘jio’ her for a free staycation, so she would not suspect anything.

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Prior to her arrival, our friends and I gave the room an extreme makeover, to make it an unforgettable proposal surprise for her. Our family members were hiding in the toilet, our friends were located one floor down holding alphabet balloon letters. The photographer and videographers were on standby and I was in the room waiting for her arrival.

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When she opened the door, she was shocked instead of surprised. Hahah. Everything after that went according to the plan. She finally said YES! Our family members congratulated us and I brought her to the window to look down, she saw our friends waving the balloons (I’M ENGAGED), I for Ivan & M for May.

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We had the whole night celebrating with our family and friends, we toast with chicken wings (ordered 100+ from 4fingers) instead of champagne (in the end not opened). It was such a special day and definitely the best day of our lives in 2016.

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