Iuliia and Joey

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We all know the story of Disney’s “Cinderella”. It’s a beautiful fairy tale that showcases what true love is. Many people grow up and think that fairy tales do not happen. Let me be the first one to tell you that they do.

On May 16th 2011, my Cinderella came into my life and her name is Julia. When I first saw this beautiful blond hair girl looking at me with her big blue eyes I knew that I found love.

Following our first meeting I searched and searched for her throughout Wildwood just to see her again but I had no luck. Then out of no where she appeared. We made arrangements to meet at the beach where we talked for hours on end as the stars danced above our heads. It was here where we shared our first kiss and experienced something unexplainable: Love.

At the end of that year Julia went back to Ukraine to study and this is where some people may say having a long distance relationship (over 5,000 miles) would never work-out. For that I also tell you that your wrong. With the power of Skype our relationship grew. It was our conversations, jokes, and life stories that led me to known that Julia was not only going to be the love of my life but also my best friend.

That year I waited at the airport, a dozen of white roses in hand, to welcome back my beautiful baby back into my life. From here until the present many great memories have taken place. From our amazing “Crazy Contino Roadtrips” to the countless sunrises, Julia and I have truly grown not only into adults but into an amazing family.

I did a very simple proposal. I made 4 signs that lit up in different colors out of wood nails, and battery powered Christmas lights. I got my parents to go to Julia’s and my favorite beach and had them burry the signs in the sand and turn them on. I then got them to make a heart out of a red tube light. As soon as the sun started to set I took my fiance to our beach and walked her slowly to where the signs were in the sand. She was worried they were for someone else until I got on one knee. and boom! She said yes!

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