Itzul and Victor

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How We Met

Me and my boyfriend have been long distance for 3 years now, we live in two different states in Mexico. We met through mutual friends.. we started dating immediately!! Since then we’ve been inseparable… we are so different that we complete each other.

how they asked

Now for the proposal.. we went to Thailand for 2 weeks.. we where having and amazing time meeting lots of different people.. one of the last days we went on a tour to phi phi islands.. to maya bay (the beach in Leonardo DiCaprio movie the beach) we where enjoying the beautiful view and water.

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He hire a photographer and told him, he was going to pop the question.. so he ask him to take photos.. we where there in front of everybody taking pictures when suddenly he drop on one knee.. I literally started weeping out before he even ask me. He said i love you, I can’t be apart for another day. Marry me. And in that second, life changed.

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