Itzel and Rey

How We Met

We had many informal encounters before actually meeting and then dating. The first was actually on FB he left me a comment and I never responded (sorry babe) then he came to my 21st birthday party as a plus one of a mutual friend. But at that point, we still didn’t officially meet. We had many encounters with that type until one night out with friends his car got towed and I dropped him off at home. After that, he offered to take me out to dinner and I accepted. On our first date he had his front seat covered with photography books and photography equipment to impress me (I love photography) we had sushi (also love sushi) then we went to downtown Disney and took the cutest pictures everywhere! It was a super fun! Then life happened and we both went our separate ways only to official start dating again almost two years later! I was now 23 and he was 25. From then on to now 6 years later we have been inseparable!

Itzel's Proposal in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

how they asked

He came home from work one night and surprised me with plane tickets to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. He said we were going along with our close friends to celebrate one of their wedding anniversaries. He also said he had to leave a few days before me to take care of family business in Mexico. Out friends and family, all played along really really well. On the day I arrived we all met up and walked around the beautiful town. Then came dinner time! We were at the Rosewood hotel and I was walking to dinner with only the girls (we were meeting the guys there).

As we were walking we came to a long flight of stairs and at the bottoms of the stairs their he was standing on a rose petal covered floor. I was in shock so the girls literally had to scream at me to keep walking. When I got to the bottom of the stairs he started talking to me and mariachi started playing in the background (and I couldn’t hear anything from how surprised I was).

Then finally he got on one knee and asked “will you marry me” and of course I said YESSSSSS! We were then walked over to a private dining area for dinner and it was honestly the most unforgettable night!

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