Itay and Or

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How We Met

The story started after I got a call. I’m flying to London I need to propose to my girlfriend, but I don’t know how I can do it, I only have 2 weeks left, so I cell my friend she has so many other friends that can help her in a second but she insisted to do it her self. And we make for them the best day ever!

Everything was a surprise!

The London eye waits, with amazing campaign, music and beautiful friend and family, they are so excited waiting for that moment of the silent to happen, photographer. and me as a videographer and for the rest, you can see for yourself it was super emotional, amazing and a beautiful love story. We finish the day so happy and in a good restaurant eating amazing food and looking at the beautiful memories on our phones. :)

how they asked

So he asks her after viewing London from above, looking on such an amazing view, and the music just started with Coldplay song, A Sky Full Of Stars. Everything got quiet for a second she starts crying he got on his knee she could not help it, she was so excited from the tires of happiness.

Our Video

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 | Photographer