Ishani and Jay

How They Asked

Jay and I planned a small trip to Colorado as I was getting antsy to travel after our hectic summer. As usual, I planned the entire trip according to my likes/dislikes since he just wants me to be happy (yes, he’s amazing I know). Little did I know he had his own plans…

Our first day in Colorado we drove to Vail, a little town surrounded by beautiful mountains. Since we had flown in that morning and drove approx. 2 hours from Denver, we were both really tired and didn’t want to go explore as my itinerary originally planned. However, that worked out in Jay’s favor since he planned to propose around sunset. After relaxing for a few hours, we decided to finally hit the town and go “explore”. As we were nearing the spot Jay planned to propose at, a dog was roaming around without a lease. For those of you who know me, I would have walked in the complete opposite direction to avoid that situation but somehow Jay got me to keep going. Finally, we reached a little bridge at the foothills of the mountain and decided on forever.

Where to Propose in Vail, Colorado

Ishani and Jay's Engagement in Vail, Colorado

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