Ishan and Sunny

Ishan Sazeda and Sunny's Engagement in Brooklyn Bridge

How We Met

Sunny and I had known each other for over a decade by the time we met. We were friends on social media for years but never met. Years came and went, the number of mutual friends grew yet timing was not quite there yet. After many failed relationships on both our parts, the stars aligned. We rekindled our friendship via Instagram ( so original right?) and made plans to grab drinks. The first moment I laid eyes on this elusive man, I felt a surge of emotions I’ve never experienced before. We both instantly connected and spent the rest of night laughing uncontrollably and stealing glances secretly. From this night forward, we were inseparable!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Bridge

How They Asked

The way Sunny proposed to me was nothing short of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Valentine’s Day was approaching and Sunny had asked me to take the day off from work. I obliged with excitement and started shopping for a nice dress. The morning came and Sunny was at my doorstep by noon with a bouquet of roses. He asked me to fix his collar and looked dapper than usual. We got in his car and he pulls out a scarf and put it over my eyes as a blindfold. As the anticipation built up, I asked him several times where we are going and if the blindfold was necessary. He stayed quiet and held my hand. As we exited the car, my blindfold was still on but he led me down a busy street full of bustling cars and fast walking pedestrians.

We made our way up a flight of stairs and walked further and further than I’ve ever walked it seemed. He opens the blindfold and got on his knees. We were in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, surrounded by ecstatic strangers and a photographer. In front of what felt like the entire world, Sunny asked me to marry him and of course, I said YES!

Special Thanks

Andrea Scrivanich
 | Photographer