Isela and Tyler

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How We Met

Going from innocently flirting in the halls at 13 yrs old, to high school sweethearts, to enduring the struggles & fears of deployments, to now being ENGAGED! The past 17 years has brought us many adventures and stories, but this one is our favorite. With Tyler serving in the military quality time is something we cherish deeply. We are big nature lovers & love exploring the outdoors with just us & our pups, so when we accidentally stumbled upon a quiet lake in Tahoe last April, with not a person in sight, we knew it would be one of our new favorite spots.

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how they asked

In August we decided to head back out for the 3rd time to what we started calling “Our Tahoe Spot.” We loaded our packs, paddle boards, pups & off we went. It was our first night, and we were enjoying a night by the campfire, when Tyler looked across the lake & said “We’re climbing that mountain tomorrow!” I laughed knowing that mountain had zero trails, an incline of 45 degrees & was covered in shale rock, but he was NOT joking. Neither of us are the type to turn down a chance for a fun adventure, so I went with it.

The next morning after enjoying a hearty breakfast, we packed our bags with snacks, water, our cameras & started our adventure. At the base of the lake, we got our pups & ourselves on the paddle boards & started paddling toward the mountain that seemed to grow larger the closer we got. For 2 1/2 hours we made our way up, enjoying the view, each others company & watching every step knowing shale rock easily breaks. At the top, we both stood in complete awe, the view was absolutely gorgeous, so I grabbed my camera & started taking video . I set my tripod up & ran to Tyler to get in the shot. He started saying the sweetest things & then, he grabbed the ring from our pup’s pack, got down on one knee & asked me to be forever his!

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We cried with excitement & then Tyler began to tell me that he designed my ring himself & the pearls inside were the ones we found while pearl diving in Bahrain 4 years prior. I love our crazy adventures which is just one of the reasons I said YES to them forever! We spent the rest of the weekend completely unplugged from the rest of the world , roasting marshmallows, swimming in the lake, jumping off cliffs, talking about our future, and being engaged.

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