Isamar and Gerber

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How We Met

Isamar and I met in high school. I was a freshman and she was a sophomore. We used to take the same bus. I had a crush on her, but I never said anything. The following year I thought to myself I will tell her, but unfortunately she had moved to Pennsylvania and I never saw her during high school. Right after high school I started working at a bank as a teller. One day I was working and looked up and saw her waiting on line to cash her check. We had many common friends but we never spoke. One day I was on Instagram and I got a follow request from her and of course I accepted it. One day I was cooking and I posted a picture about it. She commented on my picture and asked when would I cook for her. I said “anytime, just call me.” And I asked her for her phone number.

After messaging each other she gave me her number. And after that we starting seeing each other and dating. After a dating for a year, we decided we would move in together. We spoke about our life goals and we agreed to work on them together. We moved in to the upstairs of my mother’s house. We used to have two cars, but we Consolidated to one car to be able to save money to one day be able to buy our own house. It was very challenging to just have one car because we were both working in different locations and going to school at different locations. But we work it out. After our sacrifices we were able to save enough money to buy a house.

how they asked

I told her that I wanted to have a housewarming party and invite all our friends and family. So we decided that we would have one a week later after we got the house. So the week before the housewarming we worked like crazy to have the house ready. We said that we would serve appetizers and drinks from 4pm-6pm. At 6pm we would say a thank you a speech and serve the food. So we did all of this as planned. After the the thank you speech I said I had a gift for her. So I gave her box we brought 2 years ago. We got this box because we wanted to travel the world and bring something back from each country and put in the box.

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In the box I put all our pictures and a card with a question saying “will you marry me?”

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