Isaiah and Courtney

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How We Met

We met in high school almost 3 years ago and, after being friends for a while, we fell for each other. For part of our relationship we have lived in the same town and gone to the same college, but we have also endured many months of annoying, yet strengthening long distance.

how they asked

The entire day was spent traveling around so that Isaiah and I could model for his friend, Travis, who needed pictures for a blanket company..or so I thought. We drove around to a couple different locations where we hiked, took lots of pictures, and shared many laughs. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.

As it got closer to sunset, we drove to Saguaro Lake. Isaiah had been there a couple times prior to go cliff-jumping with his friends. I had never been there, but Isaiah knew it was on my bucket list. We hiked out to a section of cliffs overlooking the lake where we continued taking pictures and hanging out. The guys had a code phrase for when the big moment was going to take place. And sure enough, as soon as one of them said “The lightening is getting really good,” it began to happen.

Travis asked me to turn a certain way for a picture he needed. I did so, confused as to why he wanted a picture like this, but completely oblivious as to what was actually happening. When I turned back around, Isaiah was getting down on his knee and asked me to be his forever. After wiping away my tears and giggling uncontrollably, I managed to spit out a “yes!”

We ended the night at A Different Pointe of View Restaurant, which sits on top of a mountain overlooking the city.

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Special Thanks

Travis Wild
 | Photographer