Isadora and Américo

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How We Met

We had some friends in common so he asked one of our friends to introduce me to him. Then we started talking and we found out we were born at the same hospital with the same doctors. So we realized that our destinies were set in the maternity. :D

how they asked

Me and my – now – Groom Américo scheduled a trip to the UAE in June 2016 to celebrate our anniversary of dating. Arriving in Dubai, I thought we were going to the hotel, when he told the driver to take us to the other city airport. I didn’t understand, so I had to wait to get there, then he showed me the tickets for a flight to the Maldives! He knew I had a dream to visit there and, so far, for me it was a surprise for our six years of dating.

For our second day (June 28, 2016), he had already planned a boat tour at sunset, just told me to dress well because then we would have a fancy dinner.

This tour is usually done by the hotel for several guests, but when we got there I noticed that we were only two, and he told me that we had been lucky. Then, two photographers arrived (only to register the tour, according to Americo), songs that have marked us started playing, and he said that the selection was the hotel.. until it played a song that gave no further for him to hide, finally I realized that he had planned everything! But still I thought it was the anniversary of dating, so we were enjoying the ride.

Suddenly starts a recording in English, he apologizing to the crew because he now needed to speak in Portuguese with me (hahaha), and began a to talk.

Meanwhile, one of the crew guys brought a beautiful bouquet commissioned by Américo, then he got up, handed me the bouquet and started talking personally, kneeled and open the Tiffany box to ask me to marry him… in the middle of Indian ocean, on a paradise island in the Maldives with a wonderful sunset – when rain was forecast.

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God was really present.

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It was blessed! “Not satisfied” after a lot of crying, uncontrollable laughter at the same time, after the tour was finished we had waiting for us a dinner by the sea, with a table surrounded by candles shaping a heart.

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And so it was our “first date” as engaged. Unforgettable!

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