Isabella and Thomas

How We Met: When I met Thomas at the age of 14 I wasn’t even looking for a boyfriend. It was the last thought in my mind. I was probably thinking about photosynthesis and learning what algebra was. Tom had just finished high school anyway, so he was too old for me! So I thought…

We met at a youth group in Moss Vale. I went along with my older sister for the first time and she introduced me to everyone. The first thing I said when I met Tom was “I threw up today”. It must have been love at first sight for him ;) I thought he was really cool and funny, so I called him “cuz” (cousin). I friend-zoned him well.

We got along reeeeally well. It didn’t take long for us to become best friends. He came over almost every afternoon to hang out. Sometimes we would do silly things like play “food challenges” and create mixtures of gross foods and dare each other to eat/drink them. Other times we would make funny videos on the Mac photobooth. We had so much fun doing anything together. In January 2010, Tom invited my sister and I to see ‘Avatar’ at the movies.

She couldn’t make it, but my parents still let me go along with him. I guess that was our first ‘DATE’. I felt strangely safe and comfortable getting picked up by this 18yr old guy that I had only known for 2 months, in his badass car. We had such a fun time together. But we were about 15 minutes late. This of course meant that we had to see it AGAIN together… after the 4th time of seeing it together at the movies, we finally caught the beginning of it ;) Nicely done Tom, nicely done.

After a year or so, God reminded me of a prayer I’d made before I met Tom. I had asked him to bless me with a best friend who was loved Jesus and that was (1) from sydney (I don’t even know why – but hey, God cared), (2) into fashion (sounds superficial, but it worked haha), and (3) Funny. I don’t really understand what my 14 year old brain was thinking but God did. We continued to pursue our ‘best-friendship’ and did so many fun things together.

Gradually, this merged into dating. I don’t even remember if we had to have a conversation about whether we liked each other or not, it was just so natural and organic. I knew for sure that he did when he grabbed my hand under the tablecloth at a family lunch and didn’t let go the entire time. I discovered that this best friend I had prayed for, was actually the one my heart loved.

We’ve experienced mountains of happiness, and valleys of character building and refining together. In every season we chose Love. And now here we are about to enter the next chapter of our adventure together – marriage.

how they asked: After asking for my parents’ blessing 4 months prior, my darling swept me away for an adventure one gorgeous Autumn Sunday afternoon. We went for a drive up to the top of our local mountain where we stopped at one of our favorite, hidden-away picnic spots! It was off the normal walking track, on the edge of a cliff overlooking our town. The sun was perfectly placed in the sky, bringing warmth to the cliff edge that Thomas was preparing.

He set up his picnic blanket, miniature table, picnic basket, bible, and cuddly blanket. We sat and chatted about life, us, God – and enjoyed the stillness and peace in each other’s company. When Tommy offered me a glass of champagne I knew something was up! He hates champagne! But I happily said yes and went along with it.

We got up to take some pictures of the beautiful view. The sun was starting to set so Tom told me to face the cliff and make different silhouette shapes for the photos. I did so, as he sneakily set up the camera on ‘film’ and placed it on a rock. He told me to ‘hold that pose’ as he dropped to his knee with the ring… he kept me waiting for a while as he tried to compose himself. When he was ready, he told me to turn around.

Image 1 of Isabella and Thomas

There I saw my heart’s love on his knee, with tears in his eyes, and a croaky voice – “Miss Isabella, my best friend in the whole world. Would you make me the happiest man ever and marry me?” I nodded my head and cried the happiest tears.

Image 2 of Isabella and Thomas

He placed THE MOST BEAUTIFUL antique ring on my hand. I had fallen in love with it months ago when I tried it on just for fun. It was the only ring that I tried on that made me feel so special and actually made me cry (in which I hid my face from Tom so that he didn’t feel pressured to buy it haha). But he bought it! I was so surprised and overwhelmed to see it on my finger.

Image 3 of Isabella and Thomas

He had spent months of his time researching this ring & having analyses of it’s certification. He held onto it tightly as he slept each night for the 2 weeks he had it before he proposed. This ring means so much more to me than ‘a ring to say we’re engaged’. It is a symbol of his earnest pursual and his dedicated heart.

We hugged until the sun set, and then celebrated with our parents.