Isabella and Joshua

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How We Met

We met on Tinder and had a funny conversation but I stopped using the app and forgot I had it. I saw an Instagram DM from josh in my requests a few weeks later. I felt so bad id forgotten about our conversation and thought he was super cute and funny so answered instantly. We spoke over text for a couple of months before meeting up for a first date. I got the train after work and he drove, I was standing on the side of the road and saw his car stopped at a set of lights so I just jumped in. We hit it off instantly in person and things flourished from there.

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How They Asked

He told me for about four weeks that we were going to Nobu at 7 pm on the 25th of November. I was super excited because we had booked Nobu a couple of times but couldn’t make it. In the car on the way there, he told me he needed new directions because we were staying at a hotel for the night. At this point, I had an inkling of what was going on but convinced myself I was getting my hopes up. We got to the hotel and Josh seemed nervous but I tried not to think much of it. We grabbed a welcome drink and headed up to the room. Thankfully in the elevator a girl let me know something was stuck to my shoe. When we got inside the room there was a guy there with a camera and rose petals and a letter on the bed.

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I knew what was going on at this point and I was so excited and happy I started to cry. He walked me onto the balcony where there was a beautiful setup saying marry me. He got down on one knee and I was so emotional. I cried tears of joy for such a long time I couldn’t believe it was real. It was so beautiful and perfect and the ring was everything I wanted. We had the most beautiful night together afterward and finally got to go to Nobu! I was so surprised at how perfect everything was down to the beautiful sunset.

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