Isabella and Alex

How We Met

July of 2008 Alex & I met onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise. Being 15 at the time, i never imagined a relationship would bloom the way it has. But for some crazy reason, fate brought us together. We were both there as part of the Quincenera group. My best friend had chosen to celebrate her 15’s on a cruise & his cousin had decided the same. We both lived in the same city and had crossed the same paths so many time before. Our eyes locked the first day on the cruise and from then on we couldn’t get enough of each other. We survived the tribulations of going to different high schools and the pains of getting older. We have continued to push each other through many accomplishments and we’ll be celebrating our 8 year anniversary this July!

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how they asked

My cousin was in town the week Alex decided to propose. It’s great to feel the warmth of family during celebratory times, especially since we just lost our grandmother. Alex has always known how much I value family, whether its his or mine. The day of March 25, my cousin and Alex set out on their adventure to find me a ring. He had planned out a dinner for the three of us to enjoy. Our favorite little nook in Miami is Crazy About You (the name was fitting for the occasion). We arrived and enjoyed our first few appetizers and drinks. A few minutes later, my parents appeared, which is something they do pretty often. As we ordered our food and settled in at the bar tables, a huge plate appears before me. As is usual of me, I figured it was a mistake and the plate was meant for a different table. But as I begin to read the huge writing on the plate, I can feel Alex shifting around in his seat. As soon as I look to my right, he had made his way down to one knee… I don’t think either of us have ever cried so much in front of each other, in the almost 8 years we have shared this amazing relationship. After all of the trials tribulations, we were able to finally enjoy this moment together. It has taken so much to get to this point and we couldn’t be any happier with all we have accomplished! Honestly one of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing you unconditionally love someone & they unconditionally love you!

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