Isabela and Ande

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Orlando International Airport

How We Met

In 2013 I went to the US to study English, it was my first international trip and I couldn’t speak the language. After 5 months being there, during a party my Arabic friend threw I met Ande. He was introduced to me as one of the friends of the house’s owner but little did I know he was just crashing the party with his friend! I was with my friends dancing and he was coming back home after a concert when he listened to the loud music, so he and his friend decided to knock on the door.

We talked for some time and we exchanged numbers, and after that, we saw each other almost every day! But my time in the US lasted for 10 months after that and I had to return to Brazil in order to finish my college degree. We decided to be together and figure out what to do during the time we were separated! We managed to meet in Brazil, the US and around the world, and we are together for four years in this crazy relationship.

how they asked

On January 28th after my trip to Panama, he was supposed to pick me up at the airport but when I got there I didn’t see him, but I saw his best friend Tim. Tim told me he was late because of a storm and I believed that, but some seconds later he showed up with the ring and popped the question! My heart was racing and I couldn’t believe that was finally happening! I couldn’t control myself and all I wanted to do was kissing and hugging him!

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