Isabel and Pablo

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How We Met

I met Pablo on a dating website in early June 2016. After a few days and a million texts, he asked me out to dinner for June 17, 2016. From the minute we met in person, we realized our connection and chemistry was very strong. After a five-hour dinner of non-stop chatting, laughing and finishing each other’s sentences, it was clear we did not want the night to end and decided to catch a late-night horror movie. As we said goodnight, our first kiss was in an NYC yellow cab. From that point forward, we spent as much time together as possible. We quickly fell in love and were inseparable!

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how they asked

I got tickets to a sunset cruise around NYC for April 14th. This was a special cruise for us since it was the same one we took when we first met. While onboard, we had a great time dancing, laughing and reminiscing about how far we had come since the first time we took the sunset cruise. After the cruise, Pablo suggested we take a walk on the pier. As we approached the end of the pier, I noticed a heart-shaped candlelight set-up and he asked me to step inside the heart. I reluctantly agreed since I believed it was an art exhibit and we would get in trouble.

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Once we were both inside the heart, he went down on one knee as a mariachi band approached and started playing Besame Mucho. I couldn’t believe this was all happening and he had set this whole thing up. He started proposing but I couldn’t hear him because I was so overwhelmed with emotion. I didn’t even let him take out the ring out of his pocket before I bent down to hug him and said YES! The next day, Pablo told me how he hired Proposal 007 to help arrange the perfect proposal. I was amazed how they had everything set up so beautifully and captured the moment while also giving us privacy.

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