Isabel and Jan Matthew

Proposal Ideas Tampa, Florida

How We Met

We met in college at the University of Florida where we worked together on the executive board of an organization in 2013. We’ve been best friends ever since. He was the guy who introduced me to my first IPA beer. Who drove from Tampa to Gainesville to spend Christmas with me so I wouldn’t be home alone. I’m happy to see how far we’ve come together.

How They Asked

We had planned since the beginning of the new year to celebrate Easter back home with his family in Florida. It was a beautiful, cool, and sunny Saturday after the heavy rain that we received on Good Friday. As we were stepping out from lunch with his parents, they suggested we take a walk around the area while the weather was so nice.

As we made our way towards the park nearby, I see my close friend (who is supposed to be in Jacksonville) step out from behind a car with a sign that said “will”. My first emotion was shock but I quickly realized what was happening. As he took my hand to continue our walk, I saw more and more friends stepping out with a sign until we made it to the park.

There, with our closest friends holding “will you stop being my girlfriend” (literally explains his sense of humor completely), he grabbed my hands and began told me that he has always been “all in” since the very beginning. He spoke about how he took a chance and quit his job to move to Houston with me for my pharmacy residency program so that we wouldn’t be long distance anymore. About how he deliberately made this Lenten season difficult for him by giving up social media, carbs, and alcohol. And while it wasn’t easy, he found himself more present in everything he did. He was more engaged in his work, his faith, his friends, and his fitness. And as Lent ends, he wanted to be engaged in one more thing (cue my tears).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tampa, Florida

As he bent down on one knee, he took out a pill bottle from his pocket and opened it to reveal a ring. It was the easiest yes I’ve ever said in my life. Afterwards, he showed me the pill bottle which was personalized for this very day. The rest of our day ended with a celebration for Easter and our engagement with our closest friends and family. It truly is a day to remember.