Isabel and Ian

How We Met

Our story began, in Houston, Texas on November 2012, when Ian and Joey (Ian’s friend and roommate) crashed a friends’ all girls sleepover that I had attended. At the time, all I could think was what guys crash an all girls sleepover (complete with wine and apron making crafts) midway through Steel Magnolias? Apparently, Ian and Joey! Not long after they arrived, I found out Ian and Joey crashing the party, unannounced (and scaring us half to death by suddenly knocking on all the windows and doors), wasn’t completely unwarranted. They were friends of the host and lived in the area. Anyway, Ian and Joey stuck around and partook in wine and Steel Magnolias for a bit that night. While I crafted my Pink Ladies inspired apron, Ian and I got to talking and laughing some. After Ian and Joey left, their third roommate and my friend, Christy (who was also attending the sleepover), very obviously began playing matchmaker for Ian and I. The next weekend, Ian invited me out to do some two-stepping with a group of friends and on December 6, 2012, we went on our first date. In the weeks that followed, Ian and I saw each other as often as preparing for my undergraduate final exams would allow. The rest has brought us where we are today!

Ian_Isabel_Engagement_Texas-152 (1)

Ian and Isabel pictured here at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park – home of the Texas White House – in Stonewall, Texas. Photo taken by Pete Morales of Onelife Photography & Design.

how they asked

In June 2013, after a year-and-a-half together, I accepted a political appointment with the Administration and moved to Washington, DC. Given the temporary nature of my role, Ian and I decided it would be best for him to stay in Houston. So began our long-distance relationship. Distance has been difficult, but we’ve managed very well and travel back and forth to see each other every month.

On June 11, 2015, Ian came to Washington, D.C. for the weekend to celebrate my 24th birthday. Little did I know, he planned to do much more than that! Three weeks before he was scheduled to make his visit, I called Ian to let him know a friend of mine had amazingly arranged for us to tour the White House West Wing for when he was going to be in town. That call set his plans in motion!

Ian had known since I had accepted my position with the Administration that he wanted to ask for my hand, in the White House, he had just been waiting for the right moment. The day of the tour, I was beyond excited. The White House is one of my favorite buildings: a symbol of freedom, democracy, and the American people. Ian seemed pensive (little did I know he was actually very nervous), but excited. We dressed nicely for the occasion. “We’ll have a nice dinner to celebrate your birthday after,” he said. Sneaky Ian!

The tour turned out to be everything I hoped it would be…and more! The tour, rich in history, culminated in a moment Ian and I will remember forever. In front of The Oval Office (and before I realized what was happening), Ian got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…and I said “Yes!”

After the tour, we paused so that I could call my parents and share the great news (cue tears)…only to find out Ian had arranged for our families to travel to DC and join us in celebrating the occasion…he had them all waiting at our nearby favorite restaurant, Old Ebbitt Grill, to celebrate! He planned his proposal to perfection and we will never forget it!

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Ian and Isabel pictured here in front of the White House North Lawn in Washington, DC. Photo taken by Pete Morales of Onelife Photography & Design.