Isabel and Cameron

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How We Met

After he returned back home from Alabama, we saw each other at the pub on campus which Cameron’s family owns. We saw each other at the pub, while out with friends, a few times before he made a move. I received a direct message on Instagram saying “Hey I saw that your bio on Instagram says that you’re originally from Chicago, what part?” After explaining where I was from, we found out that we grew up about 10 minutes away from each other and now lived in the same town in Florida. After a day of talking nonstop, he asked me out on a date. Just recently, he admitted to me that he asked so much about me and crept my Instagram several times before “sliding in my DM’s.”

How They Asked

After six short months of dating, Cameron popped the question. We had flown down to Florida with my family to get the remaining belongings from my college dorm room. After packing and moving all my stuff out, we had planned to have a nice brunch with both of our families. Little did I know that, the brunch was actually a proposal at the location where we met. After saying yes, our families hosted an engagement party to celebrate our beginning💍

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