Isabel and Breck

How We Met

I originally met my husband when I was 13 at church. He was a year older and was known as the “bad boy” because he had his ears pierced and always looked angry. Lol! I was smitten from the very beginning with him. He messaged me a few times on Facebook but then was rude to me one time and I blocked him when I was 14! Haha! Many years later I had a dream that I met my husband while the Christmas decorations were still up. When I was 20 I was invited to a New Year’s Eve party (Christmas decorations were still up) and was told that Breck was going to be there and not to worry but he was nice now. I looked him up and saw that he was super cute still so I decided to go to the party. I showed up an hour late to make sure he saw me enter. I ignored him for a bit and then went up to introduce myself and pretend I didn’t know him. He immediately called me out on it and said, “You know who I am!” With a big smile on his face. He’s always been great at calling my bluff.

Isabel and Breck's Engagement in College Station, Texas

A guy came up to me at the party and asked if I would be his midnight kiss and I said a little too loudly, “If I’m kissing anyone it’s going to be Breck Powers.” And guess who ran across the room to kiss me at midnight? Breck! :) We talked the whole night through until 7am when he had to leave. He told me before he left that he was moving 2,000 miles away to Oregon for an internship in three days. I was devastated but ever since that New Year’s Day not a day has gone by that we have not talked. About a month into him being in Oregon he called me and asked if he could buy me a plane ticket to come see him. I still remember thinking I was going to pass out when I got off the plane and again when he kissed me at the airport. A lot of things could have gone wrong that trip but instead, I felt like I was with my family. I was always really shy growing up and had prayed that whoever I was with I would feel like family with, I never had to worry about that with Breck. A few months later I met his friends and they would all say, “You are the girl he won’t stop talking about. You are all he talks about when we play video games.” He said he knew I was the one after the first trip because he remembered his dad telling him “You will know the one when you meet them because they will make you feel like the most important person in the room.” And he said that’s how I made him feel… and I knew he was the one that first New Year’s Eve together. . The photos below are our first pictures together on Cannon Beach and Mount Hood in Oregon.

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How They Asked

My family’s house had flooded in Harvey so I was actually living with his parents while he was a few hours away at college. He came home for Christmas break and I would joke all the time and say “when are you going to ask me to marry you?” Little did I know that he carried the ring around in his pocket for a month trying to find the perfect moment.

My dream ring was my birthstone, an emerald, he had the ring specially designed in September after dating me for 9 months and proposed in December of that year. He came to work with me randomly and was acting very strange. He was even talking on the phone with my mom but when I called her she wouldn’t answer so I was suspicious. He asked me if I wanted to go to his college town and look at the lights. I said no because I didn’t feel well but then realized he was being weird for a reason so I quickly told him yes.

I didn’t have any nice clothes because they were all in storage still so I was definitely not feeling good with how I looked but I wanted to marry him so badly that I sucked it up. The whole drive to his college he was very quiet and nervous acting and wouldn’t stop kissing me. Once we got to the Christmas lights place he had to go back to the car three times to get his “jacket” and each time came back without it. Haha! He had hired a horse-drawn carriage to take us through the lights but when we got there they had made a mistake and put us with a family with little kids. I could tell how upset he was so afterward I suggested we go to a park that had Christmas lights because he still had not proposed. He made us walk the ENTIRE park before he finally got the nerve to ask me.

When he did he quickly turned me towards him and in a very serious voice said, “Isabel Brewer! Will you marry me?” And I said, “You know I will!” And then he goes, “whew. I feel like I might pass out. Please kiss me.” Haha. He knew how important having my best friend there to take pictures was but he was too nervous that he actually had it all set up for her to take pictures the next day at my favorite garden with balloons in my favorite colors and donuts that spelled out “You’re my favorite.” Which is what we said before we were brave enough to say “I love you” Those two days are still one of my most favorite memories. Three years later and my answer is still the same, YES!

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