Iriss and Vijoy

How We Met

I was attending an engagement of my cousin’s. That was the very first time I saw Vijoy & we did not speak or look at each other. So he was there since his cousin was getting engaged to my cousin which I did not know. Towards the end of the function, my mom decided to speak to him since she knew his family well. And i was with her at that point of time and we did not say hi to each other as well. So during the wedding function, i did not see him at all and had totally forgotten him. After a few months, i received a friend request on Facebook from him. So i accepted the friend request, thinking that he did not know me.

And after a few days he sent me a message saying how are you? I was a little puzzled at first thinking if he does recognizes me. Then we started chatting almost everyday. We clicked from the start and it really felt like we had known each other for years. A few months passed with the long phone calls,hours of chatting and dates, we were basically talking like we were a couple and not just friends. I started to wonder if he was just wasting his time or if he was serious.

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Then came one day when we were talking about the places we would want to travel if we had the chance. He told me that he was dying to go Santorini, Greece. I remember asking him if i could join him and he said “we would go there for honeymoon”. I was again puzzled with that, but i didn’t want to ask him and made him uncomfortable. Clearly i was loving the feeling. One day,I was on my was to KL, a city which is half an hour drive from home. We decided to meet there since he was coming down to meet his friends for the weekend. He told to meet him in Hilton Hotel and say my name & the room number at the reception so i’d get a key to his room.

As i approached the front desk, the lady greeted me and she told me give her a few minutes as she arranged the room key. As i was about to leave, she congratulated me for my wedding. I was lost, i said thank you and walked towards the elevator. In the elevator, i was wondering what did Vijoy say the reception and it did not come across my mind that he was about to pop the question. So i ringed the door bell and walked in, as i walked towards to room (he booked a suite) i saw flower petals on the floor and he was standing with a bouquet of flowers.

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I was speechless that i didn’t say a word but just with a lost smile. There was a soft music and as i came nearer to him, he kneeled down and held my hands. And he popped the question with the most beautiful ring.

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