Iris and Richard

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How We Met

Rich and I first met in high school. We had a freshman science class together and lo and behold, wound up in the same lab group. He was somewhat of a quiet kid, very reserved. But as he let his guard down, I could tell he was a jokester and outgoing at heart. We developed a funny sort of relationship… somewhat friends, somewhat strangers that were consistently drawn to one another. Our lockers were conveniently close to each other and even though we’d be trying to get through the crowded hallways in-between classes, we always seemed to lock eyes. He would somehow regularly pop up in my life, even though we were still unfamiliar.

Whether it be the time I fainted in science class and he brought me my purse to the nurse’s office or being my randomly assigned partner in economics; for one reason or another, there was something gravitating us towards each other. We had a few classes together the following year, but it was our junior year that we really began to hit it off. As our contact with one another grew more frequent, our relationship began to grow. He knew exactly how to make my day, and his smile was something I looked forward to seeing every morning in A block. Despite him always giving me a hard time, joking around, and holding up signs to make me laugh during my presentations, he always knew how to brighten my day. Our relationship became “official” going into our senior year of high school.

how they asked

It was September 10th, 2016, our six year anniversary. Rich and I had a whole day planned out. We were going to make breakfast, go for a bike ride, have a picnic, and then get dinner at the end of the night (I know, mostly revolving around food). The day came and the schedule began as planned. As we were finishing up breakfast, I told Rich I would run home, grab my bike, and change into more comfortable outdoorsy clothing. He told me he would do the same, and ran upstairs in his house. I was surprised when he came out wearing a Ralph Lauren T-Shirt and nice shorts. I thought that was odd, that he would wear something nice to go on a simple bike ride, but I shrugged it off. I went home, threw on an old college T-shirt, running shorts, neon yellow socks (that I thought no-one would ever see), and my sneakers. I was ready to go (little did I know that I would be photographed extensively wearing this outfit…). We drove to Chelmsford, MA where we got on the bike trail. I had told Rich previously about this perfect picnic spot that my sister and I had discovered a couple of weeks ago, so that was where we were headed. Now let me tell you, this picnic area was beautiful! There was green grass, low over-hanging trees, a stream flowing nearby, and multiple picnic tables.

As we approached the picnic site I noticed Rich biking towards one table that was obviously occupied. There were flowers on the table, rose petals all over, lights and flowers strung up in the trees, and a rug laid out under the picnic table. As oblivious as I am, I yelled to Rich to not to go that table as someone was probably just gone for the moment and would be back. This was definitely meant for another couple, I thought to myself. There was no way we could sit there (can’t believe this was my first thought!). I’ll never forget that look on his face when he smiled and waved me to bike over, that’s when I knew this was for me. I sat down at the picnic table with tears welling in my eyes and noticed a note hanging from the tree, right over my head. Rich told me to open it and that I HAD to read it out loud. As I began to finish reading the letter, and as tears began to flow down my face, Richard got up from the table and got down on one knee next to me. I swear my heart skipped a beat and all I could make out to say was “are you serious?!,” and eventually after he asked me to marry him, “yes!” One of the best parts was the hidden camera in the trees that caught every moment!

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