Irene and Victor

Irene's Proposal in Rockefeller Center

How We Met

I remember being late to our first date because I stopped by the store to get us candy. He made me choose the movie and we had no idea what 50 shades of gray was about. He had to walk me home and hold my hand because the ground was full of ice. Conveniently, my brother and mother see us holding hands and I wanted to hide under a rock because of how embarrassing they were. As awkward as our first date was… 4 years later I can finally say I’m engaged to my soulmate!

How They Asked

He took me ice skating at Rockefeller Center. He is a pro when it comes to ice skating and I honestly can’t skate if my life depended on it. When it was time to leave the rink, they didn’t let me leave. We skated to the center of the rink while the song “Unforgettable” was playing. He whispered in my ear “you know I love you right?” And he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most unforgettable moment of my life!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center

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