Irene and Scott

how they asked: As told by Scott: I had decided to propose to Irene and knew where it would happen, (Olympic Sculpture Park – where we first met on 9/7/2013), but I needed a way to do it as a surprise.

Thankfully, on the day I ordered the ring, Irene told me she would be having dinner with her friend, Amanda Graham, the following week. Irene had forwarded an e-mail to me about her dinner plans. This was perfect because it included Amanda’s e-mail address. I got chills because I knew this was my chance and could see it unfolding!

Immediately after receiving that e-mail, I e-mailed Amanda directly asking for help to make the proposal happen. I urged her to eat near Olympic Sculpture Park (she choose Aqua), and take a stroll through the park after dinner.

As the plan began to unfold, I was stressing about all of the details and what to do and what not to do involving the big day. I contacted Matt to photograph the event and asked my buddy, Joel Oblero, to give me a ride to the park and video the proposal.

On June 10, 2014, Joel came to the house to pick me up. He asked Joel to pose for a selfie with him (with a bottle of Crown), and sent the picture to Irene and said we were busy playing Madden and drinking and to not be surprised if Joel was still there when she got home. The element of surprise was set! Of course we didn’t drink, instead we immediately left for the park.

On the way to Olympic Sculpture Park, Joel drove through one of the worst traffic days in Seattle history, seriously. Route 99 had a huge accident and was shut down and this, comibined with normal rush-hour traffic, created gridlock.

Nerves were almost out of control. “What if I’m not there in time?” I thought. I messaged Amanda and asked her to stall. Finally Joel & I arrived and setup the tripod for the proposal. The weather was overcast with a hint of sun shining through on to Puget Sound.

Soon after arriving, I received a dreadful text from Matt, the photographer. His car had broken down 2 miles away from Olympic Sculpture Park, and he was stalled in the middle of traffic. Awful. Matt had come all the way from Whidbey Island to capture this for Irene & I and then this happens. Ugh.

At this point I texted Amanda to ask her to capture some photos once Irene was aware of what was going on. Now it was time. Amanda text me to tell her they were leaving Aqua. This was it! I was full of nerves, and Joel was watching out for them (thankfully Olympic Sculpture Park enables you to look down and see far out as people walk up the path).

As Irene and Amanda approached towards the giant eagle sculpture, the exact location Irene & I first met, they were deep into conversation. Irene was, at least – Amanda obviously knew and just kept waiting for Irene to look up and see me standing on the walkway with flowers at his feet.

Image 2 of Irene and Scott

Image 3 of Irene and Scott

Finally Irene saw him. It was time. This was the proposal. As you can see on the YouTube video, it began to set in. Her first words were, “YOU KNEW!?!” as she looked to Amanda.

Image 1 of Irene and Scott

Then she made her way up to Scott and he dropped to his knee and she said yes. Irene was stunned and brought to tears and it was one of the happiest evenings of both of our lives.