Irene and Jonathan

How We Met

I am an event planner and I was doing our college first-ever homecoming dance. Jonathan went to the same college in the past but had just graduated. He used to be a DJ to put himself through school. I called him up and asked if he would come back for the event. A professional email soon turned into “P.S. we should catch up sometime!”

after some time of dating, Jonathan took me to CT from NYC this city girl was not in her element and I loved it!

The rest is history! One perfect romantic moment after the next has landed us engaged and we bought our first home (a log cabin in the woods!)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cabin in the Woods

How They Asked

As a wedding planner, Spring is the start of my busy work season. One Tuesday in May, I was coming home late around 8 pm from a long day of bridal meetings. I do home this rainy day just ready to pass out. When I walked in the door Jonathan was waiting for me by the fireplace in our cabin. He had my favorite jazz music on and he was all dressed so cute.

We sat by the fire and he held me and just took all my stress away without one word. Then we started dancing in the living room. He then told me to go pick out a song. I, of course, put on our song (a jazz cover of the very thought of you by Chris Botti.). As I turn around I found Jonathan on one knee by the fireplace.

Irene's Proposal in Cabin in the Woods

I completely was surprised and cried! He asked me to be with him “a long long long time!” In tears of joy, I said yes!

Jonathan is a very romantic and thoughtful person. He does things like this on any random day. So when I saw the set up I didn’t think anything of it other than just another Tuesday in our cozy log cabin.

now we are planning our 40 person wedding on a steam train! We are anything but rule followers. As I am a wedding planner the last thing I want is a wedding I have seen time and time again. As Jonathan loves trains and I think unconventional is more romantic, we can not wait for September 2020 as we say I Do in a 1940s train car.

Special Thanks

Rachel Quin
 | Photographer