Irene and Daniel


How We Met

We met at uni when we were both undergraduates studying media and communications at UNSW. We were friends for about 3 years before we started dating and have been together now for almost 6 years and engaged for 3 months.

We were basically a couple before we became a couple

Thanks to the many assignments we had, late nights at the library we spent together and group projects we had to work on, we started to get to know each other a lot more and basically hung out almost every day and every night.

I would visit him at work and bring him dinner and he would do the same and drive me home even if it was inconvenient for him

Daniel, being someone who loves his cars, always drove to uni. Even though we weren’t dating yet, he would never go home until I was ready to; he never wanted me to go home alone and on public transport.

how they asked

Daniel proposed while we were on holidays in Santorini. It was our second last day in Santorini, I had just gone out for a run when I came back to our villa and noticed that all the furniture on our balcony had been rearranged. I asked one of our friends who was on holidays with us why the tables were moved and he told me that Daniel was filming some things and needed the space. Since Daniel is a vlogger, I didn’t suspect anything, he brought his drone with him so I thought he was taking it out for a spin and needed the space.

While he was setting up the balcony, I was still getting ready (showering, getting dressed,etc) so didn’t realise there were so many cameras being set up and a mic for himself as well. He told me to wear something nice for the day cause we were going to take some photos to remember Santorini and once again, I thought this was normal since he likes taking photos

Finally, once I was ready, he told me to come outside and stand at the edge of the balcony, we were facing the ocean and just looking out when he told me to keep standing there so he could get his camera to take some selfies.


Little did I know that he actually had something else in mind. when he called out my name, I turned around to see him down on one knee.


At first, I was actually quite confused and thought he had dropped his camera but when I started to comprehend everything, I realised he was asking me to be his wife. ?



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