Irakerly and Anderson

how they asked

I met Irakerly on a dating app back in 2013, i thought he was very handsome and we talked a little bit but he was too slow at responding to my messages, so I deleted the app and continued on with life as always.

A few months later I reinstalled the app and to my surprise there was a response from him waiting for me. We exchanged phone numbers, and after texting for a little while we decided to meet.

The moment we met we both knew it was love at first sight and nothing would be the same again.

Irakerly and Anderson's Engagement in Trocadero stairs, Paris

How They Asked

In 2018 Irakerly moved to Paris to study french and work as a photographer while I stayed in Brazil.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Trocadero stairs, Paris

I decided to make a surprise visit to him for his birthday, I bought a ticket for a flight that would arrive in Paris the day before so it would give me enough time to organize the surprise encounter.

Teresa, his beautiful cousin, had also flown in from brazil to help me with the surprise. She arranged to take him to the Trocadero and had asked him to photograph her in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Proposal Ideas Trocadero stairs, Paris

He had absolutely no idea I was there and as I approached him on the steps that day, with the endearing look of confusion in his eyes, I had in my hands his favorite fluffy toy which i passed to him before kneeling down and asking if he would marry me.

He said yes and it was so exciting!

Surrounded by the applause of all the people that were around us we embraced one another with crying eyes and we made a promise to be together forever.

Special Thanks

Teresa Raquel Bastos
 | Taking pics, making videos and planning