Ipek and Alperen

How We Met

I met Alperen in 2013 at a sports arena where he was playing indoor soccer and i was playing beach volleyball. He had made the first move by adding me on social media and i made the bigger move of speaking to him first.

From the minute i said hi we spoke all day and all night for a good week till finally I made the big decision of surprising him at his work place (Nandos). That night we had planned to go out on a dinner date with myself, my best friend, him and his friend. But i couldnt wait till night so i rocked up at his work place not knowing how he would react.

I was that nervous i forgot his name when asking the manager if he was working today. The minute i said ‘Is Alperen working’ he had appeared out of know where…2 meters tall looking down at me with a massive smile. I was so nervous i nearly passed out…We ended up leaving and waiting till 6:00pm to meet up with the boys and have dinner.

That night we went for a walk on the peer and he had held my hand randomly for the first time.

I felt this shiver go down my spine, I got so shy i couldn’t speak. That night i turned around to my best friend and said ‘I have a feeling I’m going to marry this guy’

how they asked

On the 16th Of March 2016 my partner decided to randomly take me on a spontaneous road trip where I sat in the car blind folded for 2 hours…Little did I know he booked out a whole resort and organized a relaxing 2 days filled with unlimited massages, spa retreats, sauna, Roman bathhouse and a breathtaking romantic 5 course meal where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and make his dreams come true.

Image 1 of Ipek and Alperen

That night I said YES to my life partner ♡