Inmarie and Epifanio

How We Met

My fiancé Eppy and I met on a dating app called Plenty of Fish on November 25, 2017. He and I talked for hours and met the next day. Our first date was at a restaurant called Samurai on Croton on the Hudson, which is now our favorite Hibachi place. I felt the craziest connection with this man. Prior to meeting him, I felt I had given up on love and was convinced he was going to fail on the first date and that was going to be the end of dating for me. I have this thing that if a man doesn’t open car doors for me I get turned off and never take them seriously nor see them again. Eppy came out of his car in the cold and opened my door, inside the car he had chocolate covered strawberries I wanted to jump out my seat when he did that! I told myself “I can’t wait to tell my friends” lol The date was amazing he was a true gentleman, at the restaurant he made sure I was ok and got everything I wanted.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pier 25 on a Private Yacht

We even made some friends who assumed we had been together for years, we told them it was our first date! The couple said we were going to get married and live happily ever after, they said they could feel the love and energy. Back then I laughed and made jokes about it but as our relationship progressed I knew he was the man I wanted to spend forever with. He has been the best person I’ve ever had in my life he motivates me and has helped me become a better me, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. And 7 months later my best friend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. After our date, he gave me my first kiss and it all came together and felt perfect. I even took pictures of us right after our date in the car, of course, to show my friends lol

Inmarie's Proposal in Pier 25 on a Private Yacht

how they asked

Eppy and I have been talking about marriage for a few months now, we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with one another. I never felt the way I felt with him, never envisioned myself with anyone walking down the aisle until I met him. I would send him engagement rings and talk about my dream wedding and he also wanted the same. During the month of May, which is the month he later expressed he brought the ring, he did a lot of wedding and future talking. I still didn’t believe it was going to happen anytime soon. In June, he made plans for us every weekend, and I was always on my toes but then felt as if it wasn’t going to happen until another couple of months and he was just playing mind games to confuse me. June 25th, 2018, he took me out on a lovely surprise date to a Cuban restaurant in the city called Calle Ocho, and I honestly assumed it was going to happen then. I always expressed to him that I wanted my proposal caught on camera and needed a fresh manicure. I gave up that day on the manicures and figured it wasn’t happening, that day he didn’t propose.

I know he also assumed I thought I was getting a ring and he was loving every moment. He told me that on June 30th,2018, he was taking me on another surprise date, told me I needed to dress up nice. He didn’t tell me to fix my nails or anything but took me shopping the day before and helped me pick out a nice white dress. At this point engagement was no longer on my mind I just wanted to really know where he was taking me, on our way there I’m joking about the fact that he isn’t going to propose since I didn’t see any rings in his pockets and he actually didn’t bother taking his wallet with him. on our way to the place I’m taking pictures, I’m on Instagram live showing my friends what the surprise will be. All of my friends are joking saying he’s proposing and I was still clueless. We finally arrive at the location, we arrived at Pier 25, I assumed immediately we were going on a dinner cruise since he had booked one couple months ago but it got canceled due to the weather. We arrived almost an hour earlier so I’m there non stop asking him when are we leaving and where’s the boat.

At 4 PM a Yacht comes and he says my surprise has arrived. He got us a private yacht with a chef, I still wasn’t expecting the proposal! I honestly didn’t realize he got us a private yacht until the next day when everything hit me. The chef made a platter for us of antipasta, and I got sick immediately due to motion sickness, the crew was so nice they tried to give me water, ginger ale, and vitamin c to help me feel better since they were all in on the proposal. The chef later made us steak and lobster and I tried to eat some more and again back to the restroom throwing up. I was mortified and I know Eppy was stressed. He was probably worried that he wasn’t going to be able to go through with the rest of his surprise.

At 5 PM we pull up close to the Statue of Liberty and Captain Matt tells me its a great moment for a photo op and at this point, I’m so sick that I just want to head back, but I go and take the picture. I hand the Captain my phone so my boyfriend and I go towards the nose of the boat and sit down, as I’m sitting down, he falls on the floor and says he almost and fell and also don’t feel well, here I still am clueless to the fact that he is down on one knee. As I try to help him up, the Captain changes the music and a professional photographer pops up out of nowhere and starts taking pics. My boyfriend gives me his speech which at the point I don’t even hear because I start crying and I was in complete shock. I know I heard Bruno Mars in the background but everything became silent and I just wanted to scream for the excitement and happiness I felt. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I said YES!

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