Injy and Omar

How We Met

Omar’s cousin and Injy’s mom are good friends and had planned on setting us up for months. I was super hesitate to meet someone set up by my mother because of the immediate expectations that would come, but we hit it off right off of the bat. Mother does always know best!

how they asked

We started our vacation in Casablanca, Morocco where we were then picked up by an amazing driver who showed us every inch of the country. It took three days of 10hr drives to get to the desert where there was an incredible camp set up. On our first night in the desert we rode camels up as far as we could then climbed up to the tallest sand dunes we could find. When we got up there the amazing men were able to distract me until I turned around for a photo and saw Omar standing there with the most incredible ring and view behind me. After the proposal the Moroccan men threw us a “traditional Moroccan wedding” where we drank mint tea, ate dates, and danced under the stars to traditional drums the rest of the night.

Injy and Omar's Engagement in Sahara Desert, Morocco

Special Thanks