Ingrid and Jonathan

Ingrid's Proposal in At Church 'Camino de Restauración'

How We Met

Ingrid and I met at a church “La Roca” in Camuy, Puerto Rico. It all started in a worship service. As we worshiped God separately, she was sitting beside me. And during the service we met each other. We rejoiced, we worshiped God with all our heart. Suddenly, Ingrid started to get dizzy and went to her car. I stayed in the church and started to worry about her. I left the church and went looking for her around the whole church. I found her dizzy in her car and as soon as I saw her in those conditions I moved quickly and helped her. When she started to recover, I asked her, ‘Can I take you home?’

You are not in a position to handle your car in these conditions and she replied ‘Yes I know but no thanks’ And I insisted until I convinced her that it was not good for me to drive. I took her to her house, took her to the door and said goodbye to her. After 3 days she found my number, she called me and invited me to dinner the next day in thanksgiving with her family. Thanks to those moments, I can say that since I decided to look for her to help her, was the best thing that happened to me. And from that day, I could experience the best adventures with her. And what better than to decide to propose marriage, to be able to continue exploring the best adventures that God can give you with your future wife. I Love You…

Proposal Ideas At Church 'Camino de Restauración'

how they asked

This video was planned in 2 days before, just imagine how stressful it was. I had no idea what to do, but as I study Cinematography I decided to do a short film. Since that is what to do. I wanted to surprise her with the proposal exactly the day of her birthday. I produced the film video with my colleagues. And on the day of her birthday she had a participation in the church, along with all her friends who knew of the great surprise. And I seize the great opportunity. She had to start her participation, while I was in the pastoral office changing clothes. And while she prepared her participation with a song many days before, I edited her song without her realizing it. As soon as his participation began, I had a group of friends pending everything to go according to how we had agreed. And that was when the magic happened. How much I love and love her forever. Thank God everything came out super good. And better than I had planned. I want to thank all my colleagues for their effort and dedication. To the Pastoral group and my beloved family. This was a awesome experience.

Our Video

My Proposal Video

Here is my Proposal Video guys! Hope you like it!(Thanks to all my friends to help me)

Posted by Jonathan Pitu on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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