Inga and Kevin

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How We Met

Swiping right on Kevin was the best decision of my life. Dating apps can be described as trying to “find a needle in a haystack”. With that being said, Kevin nor I, ever thought that’d we find a life partner online. I’m originally from Florida, Kevin grew up north of Boston. Different colleges, and working on opposite sides of the city, I strongly believe our paths would have never crossed, had it not been for the internet.

And to think…I almost cancelled my random Tinder date because I was having a case of the Mondays. Going against my skepticism and hesitation, I agreed to meet Kevin for a drink. Our conversation was so natural and effortless. It was so refreshing meeting someone for the first time, but feeling like i’ve known him forever. It was getting late, but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I asked Kevin to walk me home as I lived nearby. As we strolled slowly closer towards my apartment, we spotted a playground and decided it was a great way to extend the time that we both secretly didn’t want to end. After several spins on the marry-go-round, we said our goodbyes and agreed to meet again. Little did I know, that was the first day of the rest of my life with Kevin.

how they asked

I planned a winter beach escape for us several months in advance. Kevin knew this was his grand opportunity to propose, because since I planned it, I would least expect a proposal. He was right.

Heading north of the city, we went up to Plum Island for the weekend. The hotel we stayed at was quiet, relaxing, and we could hear the waves crashing on the shore from our room. It was the perfect winter getaway. We woke up on Saturday to a beautiful 50 degree day in January. Knowing this was rare for New England that time of year, we checked out of our hotel and headed towards an empty shore to take in the amazing weather. Sunshine, a light breeze and the man that I love by my side, we walked up and down the shore several times. Being totally oblivious to the situation, Kevin was frantically texting the lost photographer he asked to capture our special moment. Buying time and attempting to distract me, he asked to take my photo by a random tree branch on the beach. Although it appeared odd to me, I agreed, and we proceeded with our walk.

I was walking ahead of him, searching for blue sea shells that are often found on the beaches of Plum Island. The next thing I knew, was hearing the emotion in his voice as he called my name. I knew. I knew from the moment he said my name, that this would be the moment I dreamt about. Before I could fully turn around and see Kevin down on one knee, I was already emotional and in such disbelief. After several “Oh my God’s” and many happy tears, I said “YES”!

Kevin is my best friend and the person I wholeheartedly trust with anything. Most importantly, and without hesitation, I can say that Kevin is my “needle in the haystack”.

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Inga's Proposal in Plum Island, Massachusetts

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