Inez and Tomas

How We Met: in December 2013 I was diagnosed with a horrible disease called ulcerative colitis since then I have been very sick going in and out of the hospital several times, due to the disease I delivered my son too early and sadly he passed away at birth (son from a previous relationship, and the father was never involved) anyways after the funeral and more hospitalization my faith in God grew deeper and stronger, I was going to counseling classes due to my sons death and everything I had gone through, in one of the counseling sessions my pastor asked me how I wanted my dream man to look, I told her blonde and handsome sarcastically laughing and she told me “well God can give him to you just tell him in detail and whatever you heart desires he will give” I just smiled and at her, but inside of me I was like “yea right” that night when I got home I had that in my mind and I couldn’t sleep, feeling a little weird I closed my eyes and told God that I wanted a tall blonde man that was older then me so he can be mature I want him to have a child of his own preferably a girl so she can play with Sofia (my daughter) since doctors told me I shouldn’t have children anymore, I want the mother of the daughter to not give me any drama or problems and I want him to know how to cook or understand my new change of diet due to the ulcerative colitis, I want him to take care of me if I ever get sick again. I just laid their feeling a little dumb and fell asleep, a month later while reading a book in my room my phone kept lighting up with notifications in my Instagram since my page was not private at the time, someone kept likening a lot of my pictures I checked who it was and his page was private but in his profile picture it was a tall blonde man (he looked very handsome by the way) so I quickly clicked on the follow button and a minute later he accepted my request I quickly started scrolling down his pictures and he was so handsome and blonde!!! And he had a lot of pictures of a beautiful little girl wich was his daughter, my heart started pumping super fast I comment on one of his pictures of his daughter and made a little joke and left it at that and said goodnight, the next day at work one of my coworkers called me and asked me if I can give someone my number and I said “who” and she said “tomas” my coworker followed me and him on Instagram because Tomas grew up with her they are like brother and sister so Tomas looked at my fiends and saw my coworker that I followed her so right away he called her to ask her about me and to exchange numbers, I told her it was fine to give him my number, after that I kept checking my phone every minute to see if he would txt me and he did and said if it was ok for him to call me later and of course I said yes….. He called me after work and we decided to meet the next day, we met and in that moment when I walked in to his car I felt something good in my heart I felt like a sense of peace and we talked as if we knew each other for years! He told me he was a Chef for Facebook and that he had full custody of his daughter….. When he told me all these things my prayer came back to me…. I knew he was the one I had prayed for….. From their on my love story began….

how they asked: I had told Tomas how much I loved the beach how important the beach meant to me because when I would get sick the beach was my escape I always came to the beach just to lay their and cry, think, laugh and just to talk to God, I feel like the beach was my place to vent and to feel peace, he asked me to be his girlfriend on the beach and 9 months later he asked me to marry him on the same beach he asked me to be his girlfriend, with my daughter and his daughter present, he got Down on one knee took out a sunflower (my favorite flower) and a beautiful ring was in the middle of the flower and be asked me to marry him on a beautiful sunset…

Image 1 of Inez and Tomas