Indrianez and James

How We Met

I always felt so much pressure from my mom ever since my little sister got married. So as all well-meaning moms do, she insisted that I meet with a potential ‘nice’ guy – he friend’s nephew. I was so reluctant (rejected the offer to meet twice) but fate has its way to gift us the sweetest love story.

James, being a very determined man, pretended to want to get popcorns to be able to meet me (I have a popcorns business!) and that turned out to be our first date! At my living room eating popcorns for 2-3 hours! I am eventually very moved by James’s thoughtfulness. On our second date, he planned to catch a movie after having a fine dining experience. As I was getting off from his car, I realized James bought an extra set of movie tickets, just in case if dinner is delayed, we would still be able to catch a movie! Who does that?!

Many years ago I wrote in my diary that one day I wish to meet prince charming, one who will be the biggest supporter of my life. It felt so demanding but God is good and gifted me the best person ever to be by my side – my now fiance – James Winson.

I always tell myself, learning that life itself can be a struggle…So I promised myself to find a man that will make life easier. James pampers me with his jokes, unending patience and spoils me with attention. He will say ” I love you ” every night to make sure I know how much I am loved. I am not perfect but I try to be the best for him and support him through his troubles, and pray for him and us to be a better couple every day.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Puglia, Italy

I am so lucky to find a perfect boy, my own version of prince charming, and I can say proudly I found one the biggest supporter of my life.

How They Asked

One day I went to pilgrimage to Sanctuary of Our Lady Of Fatima and visited my baptism- name Saints Lucia’s house. During the visit, I was mesmerized by aisles and aisles of beautiful trees in the surrounds and found out later that they were olive trees.

Indrianez and James's Engagement in Puglia, Italy

“Olive oil has long been considered sacred. The olive branch was often a symbol of abundance, glory, and peace. The leafy branches of the olive tree were ritually offered to deities and powerful figures as emblems of benediction and purification, and they were used to crown the victors of friendly games and bloody wars. Today, olive oil is still used in many religious ceremonies. Over the years, the olive has also been used to symbolize wisdom, fertility, power, and purity.”

Proposal Ideas Puglia, Italy

As fate has it, an Italian designer told me about a city where reputedly each Italian own each olive tree. And this city is called Apulia / Puglia.

When I told James the idea of flying over to do this crazy photoshoot for our pre-wedding memories, he said: “Let’s go!” I was so thrilled.

Where to Propose in Puglia, Italy

We stayed at the stunning Borgo Egnazia where reportedly Madonna spent her birthdays and Justin Timberlake had his wedding. I was fascinated by the architecture, the limestone walls and floors and the whole love for olive trees embedded into the story of this building. My photographer Amelia captured some memories for us as we roam through this incredible resort.

Indrianez's Proposal in Puglia, Italy

Then the time came for us to create the pre-wedding memories at the beautiful Masseria Montenapoleone with my stylist and photographer. James drove me in a vintage car through the dusty streets of Italy. I was an experience like none other. We captured little moments and memories that trickles through light and shadows… At the Olive farm, there was just us there and it was so quiet except for the sound of wind and nature. It was so magical as Amelia our photographer guided us as we twirled, danced and giggled amongst the majestic sceneries. It was so much fun, I laughed so much. Not James, he is a more reserved man, but he smiles a lot


Marriage Proposal Ideas in Puglia, Italy

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Puglia, Italy

Just as we were lost in the scenes, I heard my favorite song “Tightrope” from The Greatest Showman. My heart skipped a beat and suddenly the atmosphere became still, and I heard James got down to one knee and asked me: “ Would you marry me?” I couldn’t believe my eyes and said Yes baby of course baby!!!

I really didn’t expect that he would do this as he is a very shy man. It was a magical moment. Amelia my photographer later told me, she had this inkling in her heart to put on my favorite song (that I have told her many months prior), and then James, who was standing behind her at that time (because Amelia was photographing me on my own) murmured to himself, ” I am going to propose to Inez “! This was completely spontaneous. It was the right moment, the right person and absolutely the right atmosphere with this precious song. There were no dry eyes. All of us shared a giant group hug. It was a divine moment I will never forget.

The next day after the engagement photoshoot, James took me on a boat to celebrate on the Puglia sea, enjoying the sparkly crystal clear teal waters as we watched the sun sets over the horizon. Best trip ever in my life, thank you, James!!!

I would like to dedicate this symbol of the olive tree to our upcoming wedding and marriage. May it last till we grey and old. May it be blessed with love, fertility, power, loyalty. and wisdom. May it be forever. AMEN

Special Thanks

Amelia Soegijono
 | Photographer
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