Ine Van and Steve

How We Met

As my brother and I grew older we started to go get along, finally. We went out together a few times and I started to know his friends. One of his friends was Steve. I met him during a night out at a pub in our town. We immediately liked each other. But I was still at college and was going to paericipate an exchange program. So.. I was afraid that our relationship had no chance to succeed when we were far apart and I was busy studying. Luckily Steve believed in us and he convinced me to give it a try at least… He was more than right.. Today 5 years later we are still together, bought our own house and.. He just proposed!

how they asked

Last Friday, I had my first competition with my own horse. Very speciam for us since this is my very first own horse. When I bought him, he didn’t know anything. We started from the bottom. So to us this small competition means a lot. Steve, our families and friend where all there to support me and my horse. After my round I was heading to the exit of the arena, when suddenly the jury called my name and asked me to come back. Arriving at the middle of the arena, they asked me to step off my horse. One of my friends came and took the reins of my horse.. Then Steve stepped into the arena with a smile on jis face.. Standing right in front of me he grabbed down his pocket.. Kneeled down and popped the question.. Right there in the middle of the arena for all those people. Offcourse I said yes, a big applaus followed. We left the arena hand in hand.Image 1 of Ine Van and Steve

Special Thanks

Ineke Frerejean
 | Photographer
Tom De Cubber
 | He held the reins of my horse while my boyfriend proposed