Indra and Dilon

How We Met

Dil and I met in January 2014. We were complete strangers but followed one another on Instagram. I had posted a picture one night that said: “Is it possible for a home to be a person and not a place?” Dil commented on my post and said “This is a deep quote” and the rest is history; we’ve been inseparable ever since. I couldn’t have found someone better for me. Dil is so kind, caring, loving, protective and my absolute best friend. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in my significant other.

how they asked

Our anniversary is the “24th”, so we had planned weeks before to see Aladdin and go Beauty & Essex on June 24th, 201&. I originally was supposed to go see Aladdin with my family, however, my mom decided that she didn’t want to go see Aladdin, so I told Dil that I was sad and he happily agreed to take me to see the show. The whole time I was thinking you know we’re going to celebrate our anniversary and that he’s not going to propose around the same time. I truly believed that Dil was going to propose in July. We decided to dress up fancy to go see the show. Looking back at it, people asked- how did you not know that you were going to get proposed to and I was like well you know we had decided to dress up and I didn’t think twice about it because we’re going to eat at this fancy restaurant after the show. I even had my nails done the color I wanted it to be when I get engaged (I’m So Extra!), but when I got my nails painted red, Dil was kinda upset about me painting it red and that threw me off.

That’s one of the reasons why I thought I was going to be engaged in July. Moving along, On our anniversary date, I had noticed Dil was on his phone a lot, but again I didn’t think too much about it because he has his own business and people are always texting/calling him. After the show, we went to Beauty &Essex. At Beauty & Essex, Dil told me one of his friends works at a hotel and they’re giving away Lion King tickets and I told him we should go get the free tickets- LOL. The hotel we walked to is called Hotel Indigo by Lower Eastside Manhattan. At the hotel, we got into a private elevator that took us to the 21st floor and as we got out, Dil was like his friend said to meet him on the rooftop and we need to go through this room. I was VERY hesitant because why are we going in someone’s room to get to a rooftop???

But it was all part of the plan. He insisted I enter the room, so I did. There were rose petals and tea lights on the floor leading to the rooftop (my mind still didn’t register what was about to happen as I approached the rooftop entrance). As I looked out I saw my family, Dil’s family and our close friends, Perfect by Ed Sheeran was playing (I gave my fiancé a list of songs I want to be proposed to and Perfect was one of them). I couldn’t believe what was about to happen, my mind was racing and my heart was beating super fast. Next thing I know, I Dil on his knees- he said “Regina, will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes, but I always thought I would know when I’m getting proposed to and I didn’t think everyone was good at keeping the secret from me, BUT I was caught so off guard!

I told myself before that when Dil proposes I’ll respond by saying “About time”, but I was caught off guard that all I said was “Yes” LOL. I didn’t know how to react!! I was just so happy! As I looked at the audience, I saw my sister that who told me beforehand she was going to the movies with her BFF, I saw my fiancé’s BFF who my fiancé told me was leaving to Las Vegas Sunday and I saw my parents there who had lied and told me they were going to the park.

Everyone was in the plan! The rooftop was decorated so beautifully. Everything was just so romantic. My sisters, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncle, friends and my in-laws were there to witness this amazing event and I couldn’t be more grateful to have them in our lives. Props to my fiancé because he even had food and drinks there for everyone! So everyone had a good time! I keep looking at the pictures because I can’t believe IM ENGAGED!!!

To my Fiancé- you’re my whole heart. Thank you for making this day memorable and surprising. You got me real good! I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner!! I’m finally stealing your last name!