Indiara and Marcus

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How We Met

Indiara and I met in high school our junior year and started dating our senior year. One day while still in our teens and in high school I jokingly said: “Let’s go to the courthouse and get married”. I knew she was the one when she looked at me with those big brown eyes and replied with “Ok let’s do it”. After going through a round of “are you serious?” I told her if we were still together in ten years then we will get married. Fast forward ten years and here we are.

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how they asked

We’d been planning a trip to Paris for a couple of years and I knew wanted to propose in la ville de l’amour! It would make our trip even more intimate and memorable. Of course, my initial plan was to set up the proposal with Flytographer and have it so the Eiffel Tower was in the background for that iconic shot that everyone loves. I searched and read stories of other proposals and saw a couple of shots in the Tuileries Garden. This location stood out to me because of the how the treeline puts a focus on the couple and you get a beautiful shot of the Louvre in the background. Since the Garden leads up to the Louvre it makes for a perfect location to get shots there too. Our Shoot concierge with Flytographer Liss showed some great examples of routes for the proposal and engagement photos that sealed the decision for this destination.

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The Big Day: I presented the idea of a vacation shoot since it was our first trip to Paris.
I wanted Indiara to be picture perfect for this moment. I had a great video chat with Rachael our photographer and Liss our concierge where they both got a feel for the tone of the shoot, gave tips on how to propose, and what to expect.

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We met with Flytographer Rachael at seven in the morning. This was the perfect time for the lighting and no worry about a ton of people being in the Shoot location. We went to the proposal destination where Rachael took a couple of tests shots and gave me the signal we had agreed on during the planning call. Once I finally got the hint (it took me a while) I turn to Indiara and say “Some people say the greatest parts of their life are moments. I get to wake up with the greatest part of my life every day!” I drop to one knee and Indiana asks “Are you serious?” I reach into my jacket pocket and pull out the ring box “Will you marry me?” I say as I open the red ring box…

“Yes, of course,” She replies. and I stand (against previous suggestion) to put the ring on.

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From there we walked around the Garden and took some more photos and went to the Louvre to get more. It felt like we were two spies posing as models in Paris.

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