Indiana Jones-Inspired Proposal

Indiana Jones Movie Theater Proposal (5)How we met: It had been five years since my last theater/musical audition and I was encouraged to audition for “Godspell” at the local community college. I dragged my heels for a few weeks but decided to rekindle my passion for theater. I showed up bright and early Saturday morning and waited in a lounge with mostly college students grouped off with their preferred friends. I went to the counter to check on the order of auditions and a cute brown haired, brown eyed fellow came up to me and began a conversation. I thought “oh isn’t he cute” and how nice it would be to have a friend in the show if we were both cast. As it turns out, we were both cast and one of my favorite productions began. Throughout rehearsals, we spent time sitting together during down time, as well as, outside functions where we always seemed to be right next to each other. The 4th of July rolled around and our “Godspell” cast floated down the river for a little relaxation. As usual, Justin and I ended up near each other and spent the next few hours getting to know each other better, gliding on the freezing cold water. That night, everyone else was too sleepy to stay up for the fireworks, so Justin and I decided to go together. To make a story cheesy, we seemed to have our own fireworks… nyuck nyuck nyuck. The following evening Justin took a bold chance in taking my hand during a movie and… here we are.

how they asked: Justin and I had been together one year and we had celebrated our year with a morning picnic and spending the day together. He kept saying he had a surprise but had yet to reveal any details. As my best friend was in town and Justin and I had had the entire day, he suggested I eat dinner with her while he “schemed” about the surprise. I ate dinner with her family and she and I geared up to take her son to a movie.

I still had not heard from Justin and resigned myself that the surprise would have to wait until after the movie. We pulled into the theater, bought our tickets, and had a seat. There were very few seats taken but my best friend suggested we sit down toward the front as she had not been feeling well and may need to get up. As we waited, the theater began to fill up… mostly with friends and acquaintances I recognized from college. The lights dimmed and the movie began. The first thing I noticed on the big screen… Justin!

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Justin and a close friend had filmed a spoof on “Indiana Jones” and Justin was in search of treasure. After watching Justin’s mini adventures obtaining the treasure, the movie closed with him walking into the theater in which I was sitting. As he walked in, he spoke of how we can find light in the darkness, even in the hardest of times, if we just make the effort to look for it. Something we had both come to understand over the last few years. He opened the ring box, which had a light inside that lit up the dark theater, and asked me to marry him.

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Videography by Donato Maffin