India and Travon

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How We Met

Travon and I met Via social Media April 27th,2016. He asked for my number and we talked over the Phone. I found out he lived in Jackson, MS which was a bummer because I live in Detroit. I lost all my faith and I kind of shrugged him off. He kept messaging me and I would reply with ” I’m Busy”. Kind of Harsh I know but I didn’t wan to open a door to something I wasn’t sure was “My door”. A month went by with out us Talking and the day after his birthday May 19th, he sent me a I Message saying ” I’m really into you but I don’t want to pursue someone who is not looking to pursue me back”. That message changed my whole perspective on him. It made me respect him and it was really touching that he was looking to pursue me. So I gave it a chance. I called him, We talked for HOURS, and I realized me and him had A LOT in common. We had the same beliefs and goals in life.

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From that day on we talked everyday and we haven’t missed a day. We talked Via FaceTime for about 2 months, Coincidentally his church was having a Convention that July in Detroit. He invited me to the convention so we could meet there. it was at the renaissance center in Detroit. We met that Friday July 22nd. He met my parents, That Saturday July 23rd and He asked me to be His Girlfriend. Of course I said Yes! he stayed until the 27th then returned home. A lot of people may think Long distance is Hard but with God in the center and with a strong Base of Communication, Distance makes the Heart Grow fonder. It wasn’t easy but we made it work. With the All day Face times, Bad connections, and Constant Tears of Longing (Mostly him…..Okay me lol), Talks with Our pastors and Wise counsel, and Trips back and forth from Mississippi to Detroit , Detroit to Mississippi 7 Months Later he Came to Detroit and Asked me to Marry.

how they asked

He Proposed to me after My church Service. He was Visiting me in Detroit for five days. He got my Parents and my sister there, and he had already told all my friends there that he was going to do it the night before. The day of I kind of suspected something because the night before we went out to eat with my family and my parents were discussing marriage with us. So I thought it would happen “During” Church service, but church had ended and I kind of lost hope that it would happen. Meanwhile Travon was walking around the church like a chicken with his head cut off. Talking to my pastor then my parents, then my friends, at this point I was confused so I just grabbed my phone and sat down on the chairs.

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As soon as I do that he walks over to me and Gets down on one knee and he said will you marry me, and I of course said YES!

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