Lamar and India

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how we met

We met in high school. He always teases me because I don’t remember playing manhunt with him in our neighborhood. Summer nights at age 12 and 14 was filled with late night games of manhunt with all of the neighborhood children, it averaged at least 20 kids. All through high school I admired him from a distance. He was a basketball star at our high school. I never got up the courage to say anything to him so I simply didn’t. Lamar and I never spoke to each other in high school. It wasn’t until 2011, when I was a senior in college at Pace University in Manhattan, New York and he was a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, that Lamar friend requested me on facebook. I immediately thought, “oh maybe this will get the ball rolling.” Months went by without a like, comment or message in my inbox.

Finally one day, Lamar liked and commented on a couple of my pictures. To return the favor and to express likewise interest, I did the same. From that moment on we spoke, webcammed, texted, and called each other for hours at a time. He then invited me to one of his college basketball games at the Madison square garden in New York, that was our first date. We ate Halal food from a food cart and walked hand in hand around 34th street Manhattan, new york. It was December so we gazed at the beaming Christmas lights and took a plethora of pictures. We thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. I knew in that moment that I had met my soul mate. That night, I went back to my dorm room on cloud 9. On December 27, 2011, Lamar asked me to be his girlfriend. He stated, “Honestly, I wanted to wait until the New Year to ask you to be my girlfriend but I can’t wait any longer.” I remember where I was when we exchanged “I love you’s” for the first time I remember the feeling we had when we found out we’d be parents together, and I remember the look on his face when our son was born. Now, here’s to another forever memory.

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how they asked

Two weeks prior to our engagement, I visited a botanical garden because of my genuine love for nature and flowers. When I arrived at the garden my phone was dying. It ultimately died at the most magnificent part of the garden. I was saddened. This woman to the right of me seemed so friendly. She and I began to converse and she offered to take my picture in front of this exhibit and send it to my phone. I was so excited! When I charged my phone, I uploaded the picture to Instagram.

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The following week Lamar mentioned there would be an end of the season event for the Atlanta Hawks on May 29th at the botanical garden. I was thrilled; another stroll in this beautiful garden. All week I was preparing for the event. I got my hair and nails done, and I bought a cute dress. When we arrived to the botanical garden, Lamar excused himself to the restroom. After waiting for a bit, I was like “Geesh he’s taking forever!” When he finally exited, Lamar led me down the path that led directly to the same exhibition in my picture from just two weeks prior! It’s a beautiful waterfall scene called the “Impressive woman.”

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I noticed a bouquet of roses on the ground, along with my favorite song playing from Lauryn Hill. He then handed me a frame that read, “Will you allow God to continue leading us throughout life as Husband and Wife?”

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The waterworks were in full effect as he got down on one knee and proposed to me with the ring of my dreams. Lamar had an amazing event coordinator, Ashley of Blush Event Company, who facilitated for a photographer and videographer to capture our entire proposal and our stroll through the garden after the proposal. Oh yeah and I found out that his extended bathroom trip was because he was getting mic’d up for our video proposal!

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