Iman and Clairmont

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The London Eye at sunset was next on our sightseeing agenda. We got into what I thought was a pod filled with random eager tourists like us. Little did I know that we had entered a private pod and those random eager tourists were instead a group of professional singers and a videographer.

As a gentleman playing his guitar and singing his heart out continued to stare at me, I begun to wonder…was I being serenaded? Did Clairmont plan this? What was going on? And then finally I asked “is this a thing!?”

The emotions were coming rapidly. I didn’t know whether I was crying, whether I was laughing, or whether this was even about me. My son stood there taking pictures, smiling sweetly, and bursting with happiness. Then he got down on his knee.

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It took months of planning, consulting and scheming and even some hardcore deflection tactics like making me book tickets to Vancouver for that very weekend, then persuading me to cancel because of ” bad weather”. I wasn’t surprised when he suggested we do London instead because Clairmont can be quite random and spontaneous.

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Clairmont and I have been friends for the past 15 years. He’s been my 7th grade crush, my neighbour, my ride to school, my motivator, my best friend, my partner, my adventure buddy, my mischief maker, my tough love, my deepest love. We’ve gone from exchanging love notes at school and flirting in the hallways, to helping each other through college, and through getting settled as adults. Fun fact: even though we went to university in different countries, my absolute favorite memory of college life was going home to argue for hours on the phone with him about politics, ideology and discourse. For five years we went on and on and on, sometimes falling asleep on the phone, stimulating each other intellectually, challenging each other, learning from each other, writing papers for each other.

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But we are not your typical high school sweethearts. Through the years we migrated, we disagreed, we went some months without speaking, we moved on romantically, I gave birth to a son, we fell for other people. Still we were always there for the most important times, through other relationships , through breakups, through loss, through sad times and through happy times. All these years, we loved each other in so many different ways.

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He’s my soul mate in every sense of the word and I am honored and excited to spend the rest of my life with him. Here’s to forever.

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