Ilse and Moyses

How we met: Moyses and I met at my church one beautiful Sunday morning when he, his brothers, and a couple of guys from his church came to visit mine. When I first set eyes on him I thought he was the most handsome guy I had ever seen and instantly felt a pull towards him. I said hi to him and everyone who came with him and thought I would not see him again. Well, I am sure God had different plans for us, because, luckily some of my girlfriends became really close to his brother and friends. I would always see him around when we would get together with our friends but he was VERY quiet. I was like maybe he already has a girlfriend that’s why he is very reserved. In my head I would tell myself that this would never come true, that a guy like him just could not be single. The first time I visited his church I saw him playing the guitar and I felt myself falling for this guy. A guy that the most we had ever said to each other was “Hello” and I was starting to feel a little silly because I didn’t even know the guy! Well a couple of months passed, still didn’t really get much out of him when he was around. I was throwing a small get together for one of my friends and I told one of my girlfriends to invite him and the guys that came to church with him to the get together. My friend being awesome let him know and to my surprise his response was “why doesn’t she invite me herself?” My friend gave him my number and that’s where it all began! We got to know each other over the next few months. He was the most sweet, gentle. kind, humble, God fearing man I had ever known. At first I was still in deep doubt that he wanted anything with me other than a friendship, but I later on came to find out that he liked me the whole time! He then (without me knowing) asked my dad if he would be okay with him asking me to be his girlfriend. My parents were also falling in love with him, seeing how he was very respectful and took them into consideration JUST to date me, which I thought was the sweetest thing ever! He then took me out on a bowling date and after that asked me to take a walk with him at a park and he took out a card with a poem he had written for me. In the back of the card he had written “will you be my girlfriend, circle Yes or No” and that’s how he made me his girlfriend. (He didn’t give me a pen so I still haven’t circled yes. lol)

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how they asked: Fast forward 2 years and 8 months later. On December 21st, 2014 he asked me to be his forever. How he did it was beautiful! My older sister is having my family’s first nephew, she told me her maternity pictures were going to be taken at a park and she wanted the whole family to go with her because she wanted a family portrait to remember her pregnancy. I thought it was a very sweet idea so I did not think anything of it. We had always talked about getting married and knew from the beginning that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives next to each other. When I would think about him proposing I always told him that I would see it coming because I was so sure that I would catch on to little signs but they did such a good job that I was clueless! Well we get to the park and I tell my family “aww this is the park where Moyses asked me to be his girlfriend”, my sister to make sure I didn’t catch on yet is on the phone the whole time with the “photographer” and asking her where she wanted us to meet her. As we are walking my sister blindfolds me and my dad holds my hand and starts leading me to the place where I would say YES! In my mind I thought there was no way that the proposal would be that day because I knew he was at church and had to be playing guitar. I thought my family had a different surprise for me since I had recently graduated College. When we finally stop walking, which seemed like for ever to me, they take the blindfolds off and we are standing in the middle of a beautiful field of trees and leaves.

I see his sisters and friends standing there with cameras, I turn around and I see my beautiful man standing there with a guitar, smiling at me with such an excited, nervous smile and I just couldn’t believe it, I started crying.

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I start walking towards him and there are mason jars with candles leading the way, they had made a heart shaped walk way with the leaves, everything was just beautiful! I get to him and he tells me how much he loves me and that he wants to sing me a song that I once dedicated to him when we had just started dating. It was “Make me Whole” he starts singing the song and I’m in tears, obviously. When he is done singing he tells me that there is something he wants me to read, he tells me to turn around and there is a beautiful sign that said “You will Forever be My Always” when I turn back to him he is down on one knee with a beautiful ring and he asked me If I would marry him. I started crying more and just hugged him. He gets up and he asks me “so is that a yes?” and of course I laughed and said YES! It was the most amazing moment of my life. I still can’t believe that I will be marrying the most handsome guy I will ever lay eyes on, the man of my dreams!!

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