Ilexis and Walter

How We Met

They met on After Ilexis sent Walter a second message, since he did not respond to the first, they went on their first date to Yard House and saw ‘Finding Dory’. During their relationship, they did paint nights, lantern fest, took many vacations and more! They even went on a Europe and U.K. cruise when they turned the BIG ‘30’! From Westwood, NJ to Morristown, NJ – where they live now, they have created their lives together!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Angry Orchard Cider Treehouse

How They Asked

Walter had been planning for months, Ilexis had no idea. Walter started the day by making Ilexis do a scavenger hunt around their apartment with personal clues. After finishing the scavenger hunt they had breakfast and headed to Angry Orchard in New York which was planned from the beginning. Upon taking a tour, drinking some cider and having fun – Ilexis had no idea what was coming. They went to the Treehouse for their afternoon tour.

Ilexis and Walter's Engagement in Angry Orchard Cider Treehouse

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Angry Orchard Cider Treehouse

When everyone cleared out, Ilexis said they had to go. Instead, Walter got down on one knee and asked her to spend forever with him. Walter took Ilexis back to her house where a mini-engagement party with family and friends was already planned, and then back to their apartment which was decorated by his mother and sister.

Special Thanks

Andrew Mason
 | Photographer
Brendan Kasper
 | Photographer